The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is a special meeting point, a creative space and, at the same time, an expression of freedom. A kitchen tells the world who we are better than any other space.


Maxima 2.2


Life is change. Every day I face choices and events that help to define who I am. Whilst evolving, I remain faithful to my idea of self, a dream perhaps from many years ago in which I was happy, able to appreciate beauty in all its forms and to celebrate its purity.


Freedom is the most important thing in life – freedom to evolve, to adapt, to experience new ways, new cultures, new people.  Freedom to create, freedom to explore oneself. Technology helps in our search for freedom.  However, we all need a reference point, a warm place, a place to move around in and explore. And in the end, any journey takes us back home.



I look for the essentials in all things. By learning to be minimalist and selective, I have found new spaces in my life. Once all that is superfluous and ephemeral is removed, what remains are the essentials of life. These are destined to last and have a beauty that can be found only in truth and in the purest of emotions.



It is deviating from the rules that makes the biggest impression. I love symmetry but not convention. I look for the original that inspired the repetition. Those who put their trust in tradition know that to innovate, sometimes, it is simply necessary to change the point of view.They create new proportions that give rise to new sensations. And in this, we discover a different kind of beauty each time.

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