Merge Table


Its design features a wooden frame and a glass top lacquered on the rear or a marble top, resulting in an edge featuring two materials and various thicknesses. The shoes at the bottom of the legs and the turned metal tie-rods enhance its shape.

Also available with a top entirely in wood.

Nimbo Table


An extremely dynamic, round table whose high-impact design is also expressed in the apparent contrast between the solid stability of its base and the void between its two parts. It is available in two versions: with a top in a single piece or divided into three segments of the same size in marble or wood. Also available with a central swivel tray.



Relevé Table


What distinguishes this table is the line of its legs, reminiscent of the pose of aballerina dancing on tiptoe. The frame is in wood while the top is also available in glass or ceramic. The inside of the legs can have a lacquered finish.






Tailor Table


The essence of the made-to-measure table, Tailor is available in a wide range of sizes up to a length of three metres. The top can be lacquered, in wood, glass, ecomalta and ceramic and is processed on the rear to make it look slim and lightweight.

The base is made up of two central, crossed legs.

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